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DEA Compliance Training


Our team of trainers and SAC Wichern have been providing specialized DEA Compliance Training for the last 15 years to a wide variety of healthcare providers and professionals.  Our programs are unique and unmatched - because they are custom built to your profession, needs and specific circumstances. 


All of our programs include a review of the applicable DEA regulations, prescribing, record keeping, inventory and drug security requirements, case studies, common and recurring problem areas and red flags, and conclude with best practice and risk mitigation summaries.


The following are our most common DEA Compliance Training Programs:


·       Opioids & Pain Compliance


·       MAT Compliance


·       OTP Compliance


·       Pharmacy Compliance


·       ASC/OR Compliance


·       Drug Researcher Compliance


·       Various combinations of the above


No one can match our years of DEA compliance expertise, knowledge, or our detailed content that incorporates all three elements of medical regulations  - administrative, civil, and criminal law - into our training programs.  SAC Wichern is the only DEA agent to speak at Harvard Medical School in Cambridge, MA; Northwestern Medical School in Chicago, IL and UCLA Medical School in Los Angeles, CA along with numerous other speaking engagements.

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