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Compliance Consultants

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SAC Wichern is the first and only former DEA Agent to speak at two ASCA’s Annual Conferences - 2020 and 2021 -  regarding DEA compliance regulations.  Whether you’ve had a controlled substance diversion incident at your ASC or you’d like a “DEA second opinion” on your record keeping procedures and security operations, we can help.


Our ASC Compliance services are thorough and highly detailed, and we will inspect your drug processes from beginning to end.  Our specialized compliance and audit procedures include multiple key elements and are routinely updated, due to changes in regulations, statutes, and evolving medical guidelines. 


At the end of a PDC review you’ll know where you stand, your compliance risks, and we’ll show you how to lower your opioid risk to virtually zero.  No one can match our years of compliance expertise and knowledge when it comes to the DEA controlled substance regulations and ASC’s.

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