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DEA Hospital & Clinic

Compliance Consultants

Have you had a diversion incident and want to be sure you’re doing everything to prevent another one? 

We can help.


Just want to be sure all your records are complete? 

We can help.


Concerned about a particular opioid providers prescribing methods and want a second opinion? 

We can help.



During the last three years, hospitals in Texas, Michigan and Missouri were fined over $13 million dollars by the DEA for the improper handling and prescribing of controlled substances – the largest number of investigations and dollar amounts ever recorded in one year. 

SAC Wichern is the first and only former DEA Agent to speak at the American Society of Health Care Risk Managers (ASHRM) - regarding DEA compliance regulations and drug diversion.  Whether you’ve had a controlled substance diversion incident at your hospital or clinic, or you’d like a “DEA second opinion” on your record keeping procedures and security operations, we can help.

Our compliance services are thorough and highly detailed, and we will inspect your drug processes from beginning to end.  Our specialized compliance and audit procedures include multiple key elements and are routinely updated, due to changes in regulations, statutes, and evolving medical guidelines.  At the end of a PDC review you’ll know where you stand, your compliance risks, and we’ll show you how to lower your opioid risk to virtually zero.  No one can match our years of compliance expertise and knowledge when it comes to the DEA controlled substance regulations and hospitals and clinics.

American Society for Health Care Risk Managers (ASHRM) Comments Regarding

SAC Wichern

4.72 out 5.0 speaker and knowledge rating

“Most entertaining speaker of the conference.”

“WOW, a great speaker.”

“Speaker very knowledgeable about the topic!”

“Eye opening session, great case studies and videos!”

“Very good speaker with a lot of experience to share.”

“Loved it!  No nonsense DEA agent just telling it like it is!  Refreshing approach for HC folks by a guy on the street...”

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